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293 Rabbis*, Cantors

and Lay Leaders support Marriage Equality!

*256 California Rabbis -

A Majority!  

31 California Congregations supportᅠMarriageᅠEquality!


On July 28 2010, a group of Orthodox Rabbis issued a statement of principles on the place of homosexuals in their communities - read it here!

On August 4, 2010, Judge Walker

ruled on Proposition 8.

Read his landmark decision here!


Welcoming Synagogues Project:

the survey results

from Jewish Mosaic and

the IJSO.

New research on how synagogues across all Jewish movements respond to diversity issues

Jews for Marriage Equality Press Conference Oct 24, 2008 at Kol Ami in West Hollywood.


WatchᅠFaith Leaders for the Freedom to Marry Video- Click Here (Including Rabbi EdᅠFeinstein)

Watch Equality Campaign CelebrityᅠVideos - Click Here

Meet Our Distinguished Co-Chairs

RabbiᅠElliot Dorff, Rector, Distinguished Service Professor in Philosophy, American Jewish University, Los Angeles

Rabbi Martin Lawson, Temple Emanu-El, San Diego

Rabbi Janet Marder, Congregation Beth Am, Los Altos Hills 

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   Gays and Straights Must Stand Together - An Op Ed by Daniel SladekPrayersforbobby

Daniel Sladek, producer of Prayers for Bobby, expounds on the terrible murders of LGBT youth in Israel, his own Jewish background, and quotes PFLAG National President, Rabbi David Horowitz.

Australia Discovers Jews for Marriage Equality: see Facebook page (J4ME - The Jewish Community supporting Marriage Equality in Australia) and Rabbinic Council of Progressive Rabbis in Australia, Asia and New Zealand Statement of Support

Click Here To See Two Women Create Kiddushin

Contact Jews for Marriage Equality: info@jewsformarriageequality.org

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